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Echigo Yukitsubaki


Unit Size: 2KG

Simply put, this is the world’s finest Koshihikari rice. It received multiple awards at the International Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation, Japan’s largest contest for rice, for its premium quality. Due to its exceptional flavor, Yukitsubaki Koshihikari Premium rice is favored by food connoisseurs and Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide. Yukitsubaki rice is an example of a humble product, treated with such respect and skill that it becomes a real treat and super-nutrient.

Blessed by sunny warm summer days, high snowfall in winter, abundant mineral-rich glacier water, Niigata is a kingdom of rice growing in Japan. Uonuma Koshihikari is extremely rare rice that comes from less than 0.003% of the Koshihikari rice grown in the Uonuma region in Niigata Prefecture. The soil used for the rice cultivation is treated with extreme care and the snowmelt is used to fill the rice field. In order to maintain the taste and texture of the rice, it is dried using humidified air before it is slowly polished ( with the speed three times slower than the normal process is) using the latest milling equipment so there is no heat applied during the polishing process.

The final result is a rice that is uniform ( at least 1.9mm) and glossy. It has a beautiful fragrance, natural sweetness.

Super delicious on its own or served with a fish, meat or vegetables of your choice. Use it for an interesting take on European rice dishes such as risotto or paella, or for Japanese inspired favourites such as chazuke, onigiri and kamameshi. And of course, it is amazing as sushi rice. This rice is an opportunity to serve the world’s finest example of an ingredient but at an affordable price.

The deliciousness of rice depends on the way it is cooked. Learn a few tips to make sure your rice is always delicious!

  • Quickly and gently stir and wash the rice in plenty of water for few times until the water is clear.
  • Strain the water
  • Soak for 30 minutes in summer. In winter, soak for I hour.

It is important to let the rice absorb enough water before cooking. Cold soft water is recommended for this purpose

  • Both rice cookers and earthenware are suitable for cooking. If using an earthenware pot, cook for 20 to 30 minutes. Boil over medium heat for 10 minutes, followed by 15 minutes over low heat. Finish with 10-15 sec over medium heat.
  • Remove the pot from the heat and leave for 10 minutes with the lid on.
  • Remove the lid and stir the rice to remove moisture access.

Best to store in dry cool place away from direct sunlight. Once the original packaging is open, transfer into an airtight tapper ware.

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