SKU: 12345-2 Organic Sencha ASA Tea Bags

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Organic Sencha ASA Tea Bags

Sencha tea bagsSencha tea bags
Unit Size: 2g x 15 pieces
Available in Tin, Zip Foil Bags, Tea Bags

Sencha is translated as “brewing tea” and it is the most popular tea in Japan.  It is an unshaded tea harvested late April- June. After the harvest, the tea leaves are steamed to stop them from oxidizing. The tea then undergoes the rolling process which shapes the leaves in beautiful needles.

Organic Sencha Asa is coming from Fujieda, southern Shizuoka prefecture, central Honshu, Japan. Famous for its warm maritime climate with mild winters Fujieda lies in the plain of the Ōi River delta, just inland from the Pacific Ocean coast, and extends into the mountainous region to the north. The same quality tea as loose Organic Sencha ASA in tin or in zip foiled bag conveniently packed in individual tea bags. Great choice for those who wants to have a perfect cup of Sencha every time without an effort of careful tea weighing.

Organic Sencha Asa has a light emerald color, pleasant fragrance of young spring leaves, fresh herbs and a touch of marine notes. Astringency in medium. The finish is long and refreshing. It contains theanine – a natural umami component. It also contains vitamin C and catechin that works as an antioxidant.

1 Tea Bag 70-75°C 200 ml 90-120 sec.~

Store in the airtight container in cool dark place

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