Yuzu Matcha with Sencha

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Yuzu Matcha with Sencha

Unit Size: 50g
Available in Tin

Jugetsudo Yuzu Sencha with Matcha is a real treat for tea lovers. First flush Sencha is blended with Matcha and a dash of yuzu peel from yuzu fruits coming from the best area in Kochi Prefecture.

Sencha and Matcha for Jugetsudo Yuzu Sencha tea are coming from Fujieda, southern Shizuoka prefecture, central Honshu, Japan. Famous for its warm maritime climate with mild winters Fujieda lies in the plain of the Ōi River delta, just inland from the Pacific Ocean coast, and extends into the mountainous region to the north. Yuzu used for this tea is coming from Kochi prefecture, the heart of yuzu production in Japan, responsible for 50% of the national harvest. Mountainsides and river valleys cleared by logging made perfect sites for planting citrus orchards. Yuzu Hajimaru Matsuri or the Yuzu Harvest Season Festival is the major cultural event in Kochi Prefecture, which marks the beginning of yuzu harvest season, and it is celebrated with plenty of food, festivities, and the first pressing of yuzu juice.

Yuzu Sencha is an intricate blending of tastes – umami from green tea and pleasant tartness from yuzu. This is a fresh and clean blend of the classic Japanese flavors. This zesty brew is uplifting and unique. Great to be enjoyed in the afternoon on its own or with a dessert. Crème Brûlée or Cheesecake are specially well-paired with it.

5 g 80-85°C 200 ml 60 sec.~
85-90°C 200 ml 45-60 sec.~

Store in the airtight container in cool dark place

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