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Fuji no Haru Matcha

Unit Size: 50g

Fuji no Haru means “springtime at Mt. Fuji”. This special green tea comes from one of the finest tea plantations, the Okabe area in Shizuoka Prefecture at the foot of beautiful Mt. Fuji.

Matcha is a premium Japanese  green powdered tea.  The young leaves are shaded for 3-4 weeks prior the harvest. After harvesting and drying the stems and veins are removed and the remaining part of the tea leave is ground into a powder. It is a ceremonial grade matcha and can be enjoyed just mixed with warm water. However, can be also used for gourmet baking and cooking. It contains caffeine for energy boost and theanine to help you to destress, which makes it a perfect morning and afternoon drink.

Fuji no Haru Matcha is coming from Okabe town located in Shida District of Shizuoka Prefecture. It is one of the famous cultivation regions for Japanese premium shaded teas, Gyokuro and Matcha.

Fuji no Haru Matcha has a beautiful emerald green color, fresh mild aromas of blossoming orchard and lingering notes of stone fruits. Medium-bodied with well-balanced touch of umami and light astringency, it is a perfect variety to introduce you to the magnificent world of Matcha. Perfect as a morning or afternoon drink to boost your energy.

3 g 75-80°C 100-120 ml

Traditional way:

  1. Warm a matcha bowl with boiling water, soak chasen (bamboo whisk) in it for few seconds. Dump the water and wipe the matcha bowl.
  2. Sift 3 g of matcha powder into the bowl and add 100-120ml of water. Whisk vigorously until it forms a smooth layer of foam.
  3. Itadakemasu- Enjoy!

An electric whisk can be used instead of a bamboo whisk.

Fuji no Haru Matcha is great in Matcha latte and Matcha Cappuccino recipes.

Store in the airtight container in cool dark place

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